The Gypsy Wagons

The Bow Top Wagons are the direct descendants of the original Bender Tents and the later Showman’s wagon is a fine example of its type.

Open Lot

Open Lot Gypsy Wagon

The Open Lot is built on a dray which is about 100 years old. The front is covered by canvas doors, the top and sides insulated with felt. It sleeps two adults.

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows Gypsy Wagons

The Door and Windows Bow Top is slightly older and has wooden wheels. The front is closed in with a divided stable door. It sleeps two adults.


Showmans Wagon

The Showman’s wagon was built in 1910 and has recently been completely restored and refurbished. It can sleep two adults and two children.

Inside the Gypsy Wagons

There is electricity in the Wagons, with outside and inside lights, power points, a kettle and an electric radiator.

For those colder nights, the original Queenie coal burning Stoves in the caravans and the Showman’s larger Valet stove will keep you toasty!

In the cupboards in the wagons, you will find all the things you need to make hot drinks. You will find trays with legs and padded bottoms, so you can eat your breakfast in bed if you want to.


OpenLot Bed

The Bowtop wagons sleep a cosy twosome. Whilst the Showmans wagon can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children in a separate double bed - especially created to be fun for smaller people.

The bed will be made up with satin bedding on a merino sheep's wool duvet and duck down pillows. The Bowtop beds are slightly smaller than a standard double so those of you over 6' 2'' may not be able to lie out flat and therefore may prefer to book the Showmans with its standard double bed.

The Bowtop beds can easily be pushed back into a comfy sofa in the day time. The bigger Showman’s wagon has a separate lounge area.

The Camp Fires

Showmans Camp Fire

There is as much fresh air, peace, quiet and views as you can soak up and if you are lucky a Kingfisher or two may flash past.

On old mill stones there are places to light camp fires to keep you warm and also to toast marshmallows. There is a table and chairs with candles, if you want to dine alfresco. Slung between two Brookside trees you will find a hammock big enough for 2.

Beside the wagon you will find all the fire lighting materials and coal for the inside stoves and logs for the outside fire. There is also a cooking pot and a flat griddle pan so, if you choose, you can cook over your outside fire too.

The Cabin facilities

Between the Wagons you will find the leaded window cabin. Behind the window boxes there are 2 large hot showers with fluffy towels provided and a heated towel rail, a washbasin, a fridge with your Organic milk and where you can chill your own drinks. There is even a kitchen sink. All this is centrally heated for the winter.

You will also find wildlife and local interest books and maps, for you to borrow during your stay. Biodegradable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are here for you to use during your stay and we save some of the water for the vegetables you'll see around and about. Hairdryers are to be found here too! You really don't have to bring anything except some tooth paste and a tooth brush!

Each wagon has a composting toilet for your sole use and we will explain the protocol when you arrive.

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